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American Government/Civics - Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

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Content Resources

American Government/Civics Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies

Teacher Notes

American Government/Civics Teacher Notes

Teacher Content Videos

SSCG2a - Roots of the Constitution

SSCG2b - British Political Philosophers who Influenced the Framers: Hobbes and Locke

SSCG2b - French Political Philosophers who Influenced the Framers: Rousseau and Montesquieu

SSCG2c - Declaration of Independence

SSCG4a - Structure, Powers, and Limitations of the National Government

 SSCG5a - Federalism

SSCG9 - Impeachment

SSCG12 - Foreign Policy

SSCG13a,b - Judicial Branch

SSCG13c-e - Judicial Branch

SSCG14a - Criminal Justice

Instructional Resources

American Government/Civics Curriculum Map

American Government/Civics Curriculum Map

Sample Units

Unit 1: Connecting Themes 
Unit 2: Foundations of American Government
Unit 3: The United States Constitution
Unit 4: The Federal System of Government
Unit 5: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Unit 6: The Legislative Branch
Unit 7: The Executive Branch, Federal Bureaucracy, and Foreign Policy
Unit 8: The Election Process and Civic Responsibility
Unit 9: The Judicial Branch and the Criminal Justice Process
Unit 10: Georgia Government and the State Constitution

Distance Learning Resources

Unit 2: Topic - The Seat of Government   PPT

​Unit 5: Topic - Incorporation​

Unit 6: Topic - Impeachment ​    PPT

Instructional Activity Videos


Social Studies Labs

• Social Media and the Political Process PDF Version PPT

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