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Visual Art - Fine Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

Visual Art Instructional Frameworks

The Visual Art Example Instructional Frameworks provide one way that teachers, schools, and districts might organize and teach the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) within units. Units, lessons, videos, and instructional resources align to the GSE for Visual Art. 

Georgia Standards of Excellence for Visual Art

Georgia Standards​ of Excellence in Visual Art

Visual Art Crosswalk from GPS to GSE

K-12 Crosswalk for Visual Art

Individual Grade Level Resources

Types of Instructional Frameworks

The Instructional Frameworks for each subject area are found in the Teacher Resource Link (TRL) inside the Essential Toolkit.

Curriculum Map - sample organization structure for each course
Sample Units - sample essential questions, instructional activities, and projects for units in the curriculum map.
Lesson Plans – sample projects, assessments, essential questions, and instructional activities including a classroom ready power point.
Tutorial Videos – created to provide the teacher with specific technical skills and best practices in an art form. Examples include casting, graphite reduction drawing, and creating a path in Illustrator. Also includes instruction on how to set up an age appropriate art room, run a kiln, and organize displays or schoolwide art show.

Grades K-5 (Resources are complete and found inside the TRL)

• Grade Kindergarten
• Grade 1
• Grade 2
• Grade 3
• Grade 4
• Grade 5

Grades 6-8

• Grade 6
• Grade 7
• Grade 8

Grades 9-12

• Visual Art Comprehensive I
• Ceramics I
• Drawing and Painting I
• Graphics I
• Jewelry I
• Photography I
• Art History I

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